Welcome Letter for Enrollment


Welcome {first_name} {last_name},

You have satisfied the requirements for your course. Dominion School Of the Prophets welcomes you to the second part of an exciting course. In Prophetic Mentoring I, many techniques and spiritual movements were shared by Chief Apostle Ronald Harden. Apostle Harden is very excited about what God is doing at Dominion School Of The Prophets and attempts to elevate the level of commitment for you to move closer to God.

If you were enrolled in Prophetic Mentoring I, you can enroll in Prophetic Mentoring II by clicking the word “Dashboard” at the top of the website. This action will take you to the “login area.” Using the same login credentials, you will see your courses. Click on the gold photo of Apostle Harden(Prophetic Mentoring I) and the purple picture of Apostle Harden(Prophetic Mentoring II) to access your class.

If you experience any technical issues with accessing the course, please email Dr. Phil at ctorhealing @gmail.com. Dr. Phil will address all your needs. Dominion school Of The Prophets thank you for your interest in our course.

Christ Temple Of Refuge

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