Due to Covid-19, Classes have stopped. DSOTP is committed to the safety for all. Therefore, DSOTP is following the guidelines of CDC.

     I am so elated that you are contemplating joining our fine institution here at the Dominion School of the Prophets. This school operates under the auspices of Laborer’s Bible College, offering an interdisciplinary curriculum of study; students are allowed to take a wide range of classes “for credit” offered jointly with Laborer’s Bible College, and are allowed to take classes directly relating to prophetism “proper”. Additionally, the student(s) benefits from the invaluable life experience of our illustrious staff, and gains invaluable insight from the demonstrative worship sessions that characterize each class. The old truism yet stands, “it is better caught than taught.”

     The Dominion School was founded in 1987 about the same time that God sovereignly reinstituted this concept to the body of Christ around the world. Since that time, the school has endeavored to promote the restoration of the prophetic office to the Body of Christ. Firstly, we have labored toward the training, activating, equipping, and maturing of those who are called to the prophetic office. Secondly, we have labored equally in preparing the entire fivefold ministry, and God’s prophetic people for the great prophetic call upon the church; for we are all called as prophets with a small “p,” and can have access to the prophetic anointing upon our lives and ministries.

     The Dominion School offers a diploma upon completion of all classes and internships. It serves as an oversight body for those seeking ordination to the prophetic office. At the same time, for any lay person simply desiring to witness the gifts stirred up in his life, or simply desiring to learn more about the anointing, glory, and ways of God this school bodes well for you.

Without a doubt, if you decide to join the family at the Dominion School, one session will change your life forever, better preparing you to change the world.

Apostle Ronald Harden, Ph.D.(c)

Know why we are worth your time!

Dean Of Education

Prophetess Dr. Delois Reese is a resident scholar and gifted prophetess.

Gifted Apostle

Apostle Leon Pounds exemplifies an exceptional anointing in the spiritual gifts, mantles, and divine mysteries.

Anointed Prophetess

Prophetess Dr. Edwina James exhibits an extraordinary anointing in the spiritual gifts, mantles, and encounters.

Anointed Prophetess

Prophetess Dr. Doris Harden is a gifted instructor, leader, and prophetess.

The Prophetic Presbytery

The Dominion School  also utilizes the unique giftings, wisdom, and experience of a vast college of prophets, in residence, of proven abilities and character.

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